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Full Body Seaweed Wrap - 60min - £45pp
Anti-cellulite and detox treatment using seaweed that is proven to reduce water retention, fatty deposits and aid poor circulation. It will leave the skin appearing smoother and more toned.
Perfect for the legs, abdomen, lower back and upper arms, or all body.

Ice Tone / Heat Tone - 45min - £55pp
A special wrapping technique using bandages to tighten & tone the leg & buttock areas. It aids poor circulation & breaks down fatty deposits.
Depending on the aim of the treatment one of our creams from Italian professional cosmetic will be applied. (Anticellulite and Toning treatment)

Algae / Mud / Clay Wraps
60min - £45 (3 areas of the body)
90min - £55 (full body wrap)

We offer different types of wraps, depending on the result are you looking for, your skin and your medical history. Wraps have amazing properties, helping to improve the appearnace of your skin and reducing cellulite, as well as detoxification, relieving muscle and joint pain, helping with arthritis, improving your sleep and more.
Depending on the aims of the treatment, one of the cream from Italian professional cosmetic will be applied.

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